This week there have been a number of updates from tech multinational, Google. With almost three quarters of all internet searches happening on Google, updates to the search algorithm, as well as changes to their other services, can massively affect a brand’s online performance.

Here are the things you should know about from this week:

Google changes search rankings on mobile

Google is now penalising pages that show intrusive interstitials (such as instant popups) by ranking them lower in mobile search. Their reasoning is that these interstitials provide a poorer experience to users, so they will favour sites that provide a better UX as a preference. The requirements are a little vague, however, so it is unclear what they consider intrusive or not.
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Google is making Apps smaller to use less phone memory

An announcement was made that app downloads and updates will now be up to 90% smaller, meaning they don’t use up as much memory, and require less data to download. The change is a move to preserve mobile storage at a time when people carry around a lot of photos, music etc on their phones, without having to buy and install a microSD card.
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