I’m sure many of you have already seen it, but last week we talked about an Instagram live feature being in the pipeline. This finally went live in New Zealand on Wednesday (23rd) and we’ve all had some fun testing it out and seeing what it can do. This week’s edition of ICYMI’s is focussed more on the tech and data side of digital. Technology is forever updating and getting smarter, and this week has seen some fairly major announcements.

AI starts to predict age using voice recognition

Tech giant, IBM, are going from strength to strength with artificial intelligence technology, by developing a highly sensitive voice detection that can identify a person based solely on their voice patterns. In addition, they have also been testing using AI to identify the age of the speaker and have managed to get down to a 4.7 year average error rate.
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Uber starts restaurant recommendations based on travel data

Uber has a ton of data on where people go in cities – and now they’ve announced that they’re using that data to identify most visited bars and restaurants and turning these into a recommendation service. Recommendations will be given in categories: most popular, local favourites, up-and-coming, brunch spots, weekend picks and date-night destinations.
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Google using real time data for popular times

Google introduced a ‘popular times’ feature in search last year that allowed business to display what times they were typically busy throughout the week. This week, Google has announced that they will be using real-time data to give customers an accurate view of whether now is a good time to visit, just in time for Black Friday!
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Apple promote free coding workshops for Hour of Code 2016

As part of 2016’s Hour of Code event, Apple are offering free lessons throughout their stores to teach people how to code using their program, Swift Playground (launched in Sept. this year). The app, which is free to download, will also be updated with a special Hour of Code challenge for people to do in their own time.
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Oculus launching beta of Quill to everyone

The VR company are releasing a free tool that allows people to create illustrative stories within VR technology. The software gives complete control to the artist – so that their unique style is directly translated into VR without being edited or filtered. They have been testing the tool with a series of artists over the last year and will be releasing it to the pubic in December.
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It’s great to see free software and education being released to give everyone access to shaping technology. We’re looking forward to seeing what comes out of Quill and Apple’s coding app!

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