News that has excited us this week was the launch of Snapchat glasses – as soon as we get our hands on a pair we’ll let you all know our thoughts and tips for using them in the future to enhance your campaigns. Otherwise, this week’s updates are a mixed bag of the Internet of Things.

Android Auto moves to hands-free

Google’s platform for connected cars, Android Auto, has been updated so that it no longer requires users to purchase an expensive console. Instead, the voice controlled unit now works on any Android smartphone or table. In addition, they are now also rolling our a voice command system allowing drivers to make all commands hands free.
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Limb detection a possible update on the Apple Watch

Although it’s speculation at the moment, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has indicated that Apple has filed a patent for ‘limb detection’, so that the watch can detect which appendage the wearer has it on. It’s early days, but limb detection opens up a world of possibilities (measuring your gym activity without telling the watch exactly what you’re doing). It also signals the start of integrating tech with our every movements – fitness trackers have only scratched the surface.
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Smart Duvet now makes your bed for you

The more we talk about Internet of Things, the more it starts to become a part of things we probably don’t need to control with technology. Much like this duvet, that you can control with your phone so your bed makes itself in the mornings. The duvet has an inflatable layer that fills the grid design with air to flatten it out over the bed. It also clips on to the sheets to make sure it stays in place.
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Skyworks release a suite of front-end modules

Finally, more on the development side of the Internet of Things, US manufacturer, Skyworks Solutions, have released a suite of front-end modules that fully integrate with Internet of Things products. These modules are the first in a series of solutions powering multimode operation for next generation Bluetooth, Thread and ZigBee wireless networking protocols.
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It feels like every week we’re seeing new releases of products and services that further integrate technology into every single part of our lives. If people are always using these devices, we need to think of how brands can use it to add value – for example health insurance giving discounts for fitness tracker data. Give us a shout if you want to chat Internet of Things and how you can make them work for your brand.

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