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Made In America campaign achieved a social media first by turning people’s private Spotify playlists into a new Bud sponsored media channel

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Using a core brand pillar as our leverage (music) we sought to build an engaging campaign that not only encouraged meaningful interaction with the brand, but also drove actual purchase. But even more than that, using a very clever digital approach, we also developed a campaign that left people with a permanent (and very personal) reminder of Bud that they could (and still do) interact with and enjoy, even to this day.

  • Client: Budweiser
  • Tasks: Drive awareness of Budweiser in the NZ market
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Budweiser is an undisputed American icon and is broadly associated with all things USA. In NZ, however, that means Bud has limited opportunity to raise its profile and command a relevant share of voice in the market. Events like the Superbowl and the 4th of July might prompt a novelty purchase, but aside from these moments Bud had no way to remain top of mind. Making matters worse, Bud’s average price point at $24 for a 12-pack puts it well above other beer brands in the consideration set of our target market, adding a further barrier to purchase.

What we needed was a reason to talk to our target in a relevant way, more often, but in a way that also resonated with the Bud brand. Using high profile American sports wasn’t helpful because we obviously can’t do more of it - there’s only one Superbowl. But there was another thing that was both deeply important to our target audience on a daily basis and also a core brand pillar for Bud - music.


Sponsored by Bud, Made in America 2015 was an upcoming music festival to be held in the States. And we thought it’d be a great idea to send some lucky Kiwis along to share in the experience. But to make this a more relevant brand experience for Bud, it was critical that we didn’t just run an on-pack promotion that gave away the prize. Do that and the whole thing is much like the Superbowl - a once off that is soon forgotten. So along with the prize we set out to give Bud an ongoing presence that would live past the promotion and remind the punters about the beer in a way that was uniquely relevant to them.

Our creative strategy was to embrace something relevant to Bud’s brand values but that was also a big deal to our target audience - music. And by letting people enter without purchasing, we invited them to share with us the artists that they were most excited to see should they Make it to America with their mates.

Building on that generosity we then incentivised purchase with a relevant discount. And we gave them a personalised memento to keep and listen to whenever they wanted. Your individually created Made in America Spotify playlist was your constant reminder about how the good times roll with your mates when you get the soundtrack right.

All brought to you by Budweiser.

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By campaign’s end, more than 4,700 people had told us who their top three artists were from the Made in America line up, generating the same number of entries in our Make it to America promotion. This also meant we created and sent more than 4,700 unique Spotify playlists to punters from them to keep as a permanent reminder of Bud. But did this move the dial for Bud’s brand awareness and sales numbers?

August 2015 (the first month post-campaign) saw Bud score one of its highest ever Unprompted Awareness numbers in the year at 4.1% up from only 2.6% in June two months prior.

What’s more, sales compared to the same time last year were up 17% YoY. All of which represented a fantastic result for Budweiser and the Make it to America promotion. Rock on!

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