Build Your Own KFC Burger

An online experience that allowed KFC fans to build bespoke burgers, with a chance to have their creation added to the KFC menu.

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Control is an increasingly valuable commodity amongst consumers. And research told us the young KFC audience wanted more of it.

So we created The Colonel's Burger Builder experience, an online competition that allowed people to build their own burgers, and share their creation across social media. 

Fans would vote on their favourites, with the most popular burger being added to the KFC menu.

  • Client: KFC New Zealand
  • Tasks: Create an engaging online experience
. Work with the time constraints of perishable products
. Build 10,000 burgers
  • Share:

When the boundaries between consumers and producers blur, you’re in the world of ‘prosumerism.’ Research showed us this was a growing trend amongst KFC’s younger audience. They didn’t just want to eat a chicken burger - they wanted to help create it.

We needed a way to give KFC fans genuine control, but work within strict timeframes that ensured perishable stock was available and at its freshest.


The Colonel's Burger Builder experience was born. 
A competition that encouraged KFC fans to build their own burgers online, via a Facebook iframe and a microsite. They could add ingredients that weren’t currently on the menu, and even name it after themselves.

Entries were shared across social media, and showcased in a mouthwatering image gallery.

But the crowning glory? The winning burger, voted for by fans, was added to the KFC menu.

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We included an opt-in function that helped further build the online community. 

With 19,000 votes in phase two on the competition, we knew our audience was interested in controlling the outcome.

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