Giving the gift of life for Christmas.

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The LifePod incubator is a Kiwi-made miracle that just needed help getting on its feet. To raise money needed to begin production, we tapped into people’s Christmas generosity by reminding them that there are still others out there in desperate need of help.

  • Client: Medicine Mondiale
  • Tasks: Increase awareness and donations for the LifePod in December.
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December is one of the hardest times of the year to get people’s attention. This makes convincing them to spend their hard earned dollars to help a stranger twice as difficult.


We used iconic Christmas artwork to make people consider who really needed a helping hand over the holidays. With deliberately provocative headlines, we got people thinking about an issue they might not have known about, then let them be a part of the solution just by donating a few dollars.

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The number of people who donated money to LifePod increased by 76% in the lead up to Christmas.

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