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Nudge provides a single, unified dashboard that lets publishers, advertisers and agencies view the performance of every piece of a campaign’s paid digital content.

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Digital advertising can be devilishly complicated. The measurability of everything is both a blessing and a curse; the curse for us being that digital advertising delivered via publishers’ websites is ‘measurable’, but not in a timely manner which makes those metrics virtually worthless. Did a piece of content work, or not? Sometimes you found out, other times you didn’t. But in a realtime digital world, this all seemed hopelessly slow and inefficient. So we decided to do something no-one else had. We built Nudge Content Analytics.

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  • Tasks: Create a product that gives our clients a major competitive advantage.
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Campaigns today are often multi-stage, multi-facted, executed through multiple media, hosted by different publishers, and often employ numerous creative versions. The truth is the endless opportunities given to us by the speed, reach and ubiquity of digital technologies have also served complicate our activities 100 fold.

But to date, even though we’re living and operating in the digital world, we’re totally reliant on media channels and publishers individually reporting back on the performance of our assets on their sites; a unified and realtime view of a campaign’s performance while in-market has not been possible.

Not possible, that is, until we built Nudge Content Analytics.


Our innovation was the creation of Nudge Content Analytics. For the first time, we could provide a detailed picture of the performance of each of their campaign assets, in realtime to all interested parties: publishers, agencies and clients alike. And the advantage this offers them is game changing. As a campaign rolls out across the web, everyone can view a unified, realtime dashboard that reports back on each and every piece of paid media they have in market. If something is underperforming, we can determine what the problem is and immediately make changes, or decide to pull it altogether. And when something over performs, we can upweight spend behind it and leverage it fully.

Nudge is a world first, conceived and built right here in NZ. But the potency of its offering has already seen it successfully deployed for marketers both here and abroad. In terms of digital marketing efficiency, it literally is a game changer.

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For the first time Nudge Content Analytics lets agencies, publishers and brands really uncover and optimise the true performance of their paid content. And being a world first, it’s perhaps unsurprising the world’s taken notice. Both clients locally and abroad have immediately seen and seized upon the market-leading advantage Nudge Content Analytics gives them.

To find out how Nudge Content Analytics can deliver superior results for your next campaign or in-market digital activity, contact Dan Phillips at 

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