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Missing Types - Helping to fill the gaps in New Zealand’s blood donations.

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To gain more A and O blood donors, NZBlood asked Kiwis if they could help to fill the gaps by showing them what it would be like if all of the As and Os went missing.

  • Client: New Zealand Blood Service
  • Tasks: Create a digital campaign to amplify the global ‘Missing Types’ campaign idea.
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Our challenge was to gain new A and O blood type donors.


To address the lack of donors, our global agency came up with the ‘Missing Types’ campaign cornerstone. Our role was to amplify this concept using digital, by showing people how the world would look without these important blood types.The campaign kicked off with a heap of online content including display banners, page takeovers, and social content to encourage the public to give blood. This was supported by getting businesses to remove their As and Os from their logos during the campaign, and provided them with digital toolkits to help seed the word.

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New Zealand Blood service saw a 75% increase in new donors booking appointments in the 5 weeks since Missing Type compared to 2015, 9,910 new and reinstated donors booking appointments (Over 8,000 more donors than last year) as well as more than 90 NZ businesses became involved in the campaign.

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