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Teaching Kiwi companies about the consequences of cyber threats.

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To launch their new range of cyber insurance products, NZI needed to show Kiwi business owners that cyber threats could cause just as much damage as the real world threats.

  • Client: NZI
  • Tasks: Teach small and medium business owners about the need for cyber insurance.
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Insurance can be a hard topic to understand even when you’re familiar with the thing you’re insuring. Our first hurdle was getting owners of small to medium Kiwi businesses to simply understand the dangers of doing business online. We then had to educate them about the specific dangers their business could face and that NZI Cyber insurance could mitigate any damage caused.


To solve both of these problems, we used a multi-phase campaign designed to drive awareness of the larger issue before educating on the specific threats that SMEs face and how they can manifest.

The aim of phase one was to drive awareness of cyber crime as a growing threat to businesses. We launched with a native article in the NZ Herald, detailing the ins and outs of cyber crime in New Zealand and the damage it can cause. A few days later, we rolled out display banners and targeted social ads on Facebook and LinkedIn that focused the eye-opening numbers around with cyber crime in NZ. We also created an informational website where our audience could go to learn more about the threats they had just discovered.

But how could we get them to understand the ways cyber threats could affect their business? In phase two we put the emphasis on education with videos that showed common cyber threats in a real world context, followed by an explanation of how these problems occur in the digital world. These were supported by print, social and display ads, all of which brought users to our website.

On the NZI Cyber website we provided educational resources for business owners including some simple animated videos that quickly ran viewers through common cyber threats, the scale of the problem in NZ and the benefits of cyber insurance. We also created a survey that helped business owners understand the level of risk their business faced.

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