Take a Creative Health Day for Semi-Permanent

Our goal was to convince New Zealand's overworked creative community to stop, take a break, and attend the Semi-Permanent conference.

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At 5:30pm, most Aucklanders leave work and go home to their families. Except those who work in the creative industry. Semi-Permanent wanted NZ’s creative community to stop and take a much needed break and attend the conference. To encourage them to do so, we created the ‘Take a Creative Health Day’ campaign.

  • Client: Semi-Permanent
  • Tasks: Convince New Zealand's overworked creative community to actually stop, take a break, and attend the Semi-Permanent conference.
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For NZ’s creative community, working long hours often comes with the territory. The Semi-Permanent Conference provides an ideal opportunity for these overworked people to stop, take a break and refresh their creative minds. But simply telling Auckland’s overworked creatives they needed a break wouldn’t cut it. If we wanted to inspire a creative audience into action, we knew we needed a more engaging way to reach them.


Knowing you work late is one thing. Seeing yourself actually doing it is quite another. So to demonstrate to New Zealand’s creative community what mindless drones they’d become, we shot them with one. Without them knowing. By making actual creatives the unwitting stars of the campaign, we used their own suffering to demonstrate why they so desperately needed to stop and take a Creative Health Day at Semi-Permanent.

Our campaign was spearheaded by a piece of video content that captured actual Auckland creatives toiling late into the night all without them knowing. This encouraged people to visit the campaign microsite where they could either purchase tickets or enter a draw to win some. And to drive more interest, we created four social posts, each one highlighting a symptom of creative fatigue. We then used email and remarketing strategies to reconnect with people who visited the site but didn’t go on to purchase tickets.

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Our video was viewed more than 32,000 times (a big number for an Auckland-only creative conference). Over 800 people engaged with our social posts, driving more than 250 to sign up. And with a minimal media spend, the Take a Creative Health Day campaign drove a total of over 10% of all the traffic recorded on the Semi-Permanent website. The end result? Semi-Permanent 2015 was completely sold out.

The guys at Y&S were fantastic. With a really short deadline they came up with an idea that was fun, and one that would resonate with our market. They were great to work with, smart thinkers and the result was a successful event - completely sold out for the first time ever - it doesn't get any better than that! Simon Velvin - Creative Director SP

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