Forecasting low September fares

Air New Zealand’s Grabaseat takes the initiative to dominate when a rival airline announces new domestic destinations.

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When Jetstar announced new domestic flights to Napier, New Plymouth, Palmerston North and Nelson in August 2015, Grabaseat was prepared. Their response was to go on the offensive and ‘own’ the month of September.

  • Client: Grabaseat
  • Tasks: Create a campaign that could be sustained for an entire month. Find a device to connect us with all of Grabaseat’s New Zealand destinations. Motivate impulse ticket purchases based on low airfares.
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The expansion of rival carrier Jetstar offering $9 fares to 4 new domestic destinations required a competitive response from Air New Zealand. They needed to assert their position as the only airline servicing 22 destinations nationwide. Jetstar only fly to 9.


We harnessed our fickle weather and Septemperature Deals was born. Based on the temperature in selected destinations at 9am each day of the campaign, we released tickets at corresponding prices via Grabaseat’s website. So if the morning temperature was 6 degrees in Blenheim, for example, $6 was the ticket price to and from the destination.

Ex-weather presenter Tamati Coffey was enlisted as our Septemperature weatherman. He fronted several TV weather forecasts promoting the campaign as well as specific destinations. Throughout September we had a solid digital presence on Facebook, YouTube, Grabaseat’s website, plus web banners on sites like MetService. We also used Tamati for weather bulletin tie-ins on radio.

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Facebook Display reached 750,000+ people driving 50,000 clicks.

Facebook Promoted Posts reached 371,762 people driving 19,144 clicks (CPC only $0.40).

Tamati’s video weather reports reached 119,000+ people. (Average engagement - 12 seconds per video).

Over 78,000 people visited the Grabaseat website from Facebook alone.

MetService drove 5.1 million impressions from 1.3 million unique browsers (Cost per browser - an incredibly low $0.03).

Grabaseat's September deals (100% sold out).

All of which meant Grabaseat's totally dominated the month of September.

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