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Rhythm & Vines is one of New Zealand’s biggest festivals, and we wanted to help our fans make the most of it by showing how Smirnoff can release the pure potential of any party.

A huge number of our fans head to R&V each New Year’s so we wanted to help them have the best time possible thanks to Smirnoff. To do this, we needed to find out how our fans communicate in a festival environment, and interact with them in a natural and non intrusive way.

  • Client: Smirnoff Vodka
  • Tasks: Communicate with Smirnoff fans during Rhythm & Vines festival to help them release its full potential.
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We use Facebook and Instagram to push content day-to-day, but festival goers are less likely to use these channels while partying. Snapchat would allow for a natural two-way dialogue, but is not age-gated, which means creating an account for Smirnoff has been impossible… until now.


Snapchat’s not age gated, but R&V is R18+. And that gave us an idea. What if we used the physical age gate of R&V to act as our age filter? So we ran our R&V Snapchat experience in a very Snapchat kind of way. The SmirnoffNZ account only went live during the event and it disappeared immediately after the event finished.

Each day, partygoers were sent clues to help reveal hidden Smirnoff activations we’d set up across the festival. In return, we were kept in touch with our audience in the form of received user generated content. Not only did we unlock the pure potential of R&V for hundreds of fans, we also achieved a social media first in that we were successfully (and legally) able to use Snapchat to promote an alcohol brand.

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We aimed to inspire 300 festival-goers, and smashed this goal with 463 active followers, 610 received snaps and a total view count of 33,285 for our content over the period. The R&V promoters also said we were by far the most popular network at the festival, all while achieving a social media first - building an alcohol-branded Snapchat following.

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