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The Highlanders’ Unfinished Project

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Featuring a little elbow grease and some easy laughs, we teamed up with the Highlanders to help put an end to their unfinished project.

  • Client: Speight's
  • Tasks: Create a web video to increase awareness for Speight’s 'Unfinished Projects' campaign.
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Our challenge was to show the value of getting a few mates together to put an end to your unfinished project.


To show the value in getting together to help a mate, we put our small budget to work by recruiting the many talents of the Highlanders. Operating within a mere two hour time slot to shoot, we decided to tell a simple (and relatable) story which summed up how good it feels to get a job done.

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We set out with a modest budget to complement the campaign’s TVCs. In the end we smashed a handful of Speight’s online viewing records including: The highest organic views of 102,000, highest average completion rate on record (61%) of any Speight's 30s spot, highest number of post clicks (24.8k) and a total of 93,386 minutes viewed equating to 65 days of continuous play.

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