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Speight’s relaunched its Summit range with new packaging and some fruit-infused flavours. Our job was to get people who didn’t really like beer to choose Summit as their refreshing lager for summer. We did it by showing them that Summit is the best way to beat the upcoming summer heat.

  • Client: Speight’s
  • Tasks: Get people who don’t like beer to try the new Speight’s Summit range.
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Speight’s Summit was losing relevance with its audience. While Speight’s fans are traditionally stoic, southern men, Summit needed to reach younger, more modern drinkers without compromising on the brand’s values.

To make matters harder, beer sales were in decline across New Zealand. That made launching one new beer a tough ask, let alone three.


To reach a more modern audience we had to lead with engaging, entertaining content. We positioned Speight’s Summit as a refreshing solution to heat and created a series of short videos that showed Summit fans solving heat related problems in funny, ingenious ways.

In social media, Summit was able to spark conversation around summer and beating the heat while parts of New Zealand still had snow on the ground. We also used influencers to create native video content featuring the Summit range.

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Only two months into the five month campaign, our videos have reached 1.1 million views on Facebook alone, more than half of the overall goal of 2 million. This gives us a reach of over 900k unique viewers, more than 75% of our final goal of 1.2 million. All of this added up to achieve 107% of the targeted sales goal with 164% of targeted volume sold. In the process Speight’s Summit sold has already out not just once, but twice.

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