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We launched Steinlager’s latest release, Tokyo Dry, by creating a website that told the story of the collision of two sides - New Zealand’s raw ingredients meeting Japanese brewing mastery. We supported this through social content that delved further into the story.


Tokyo Dry is radically different to the rest of Steinlager’s range, something that doesn’t always go down well with its fiercely loyal fans. 


We launched Tokyo Dry by telling the story behind the product - the natural New Zealand ingredients that Steinlager has always championed, brought together with Japanese brewing mastery, a first for the brand.

We created a website that juxtaposed both the New Zealand and Japanese sides of culture, ingredients and the brewing process through a simple narrative, ending on the beer itself.

We then expanded on this story in social with content that contrasted natural New Zealand with technological Japan and explained some of the stories behind the design of the bottle and the inspiration behind the beer.

To help reach our younger audience, we used influencers to create Tokyo Dry content in their own style, giving it an authentically cool feel.

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Our social content explaining the backstory of the beer and the bottle was viewed 115,000 times, and was engaged with by almost 10,000 fans.

Our narrative website was viewed 26,213 times, a 182% increase over the previous 3 months. Better still, nearly half of those views were completely organic, adding up to a 154% increase in organic traffic.

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