Go smokefree for 31 days.

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Stoptober is an opportunity for smokers to give up cigarettes and go smokefree for 31 days in October.

This year’s campaign encourages smokers to get their friends, family members and co-workers to lend their support to those struggling with addiction.

  • Client: Stoptober
  • Tasks: Encouraging smokers to take 31 days off by showcasing family members lending a supportive hand.
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Convincing someone to stop smoking can rarely be done by appealing only to the rational part of the mind. Those who smoke are often completely aware of how bad the habit is for them, but they do it regardless of what the research or pictures of blackened lungs might suggest.


We decided not to take the obvious route of chastising smokers for their bad decision making. Instead, we developed a campaign showing family members lending support to someone struggling with addiction to help them kick the habit.

The campaign rolled out across online video platforms and was supported by outdoor posters, a series of success stories from people who had given up smoking, and a series of humorous clips from social media comedians chatting about giving up on the nicotine sticks.

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