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Summer Doesn’t Stop While You’re Giving Blood

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To bring Kiwis into donor centres at a time when all they want to do is be outside in the sun, we encouraged them to take a break from their barbecues, beach cricket, swimming and other summer activities to save some lives.

  • Client: New Zealand Blood Service
  • Tasks: Encourage new and lapsed blood donors to book an appointment.
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Giving blood is a big ask, even more so during summer. When the sun’s out, there’s nothing people want to do less than head inside and stick a needle in their arm. Our job was to counteract the 27,000 donors that lapse annually by convincing Kiwis to take 60 minutes out of their day to give blood.


To make the act of giving blood less of a daunting ask, we positioned it as a quick break in the middle of classic Kiwi summer activities, rather than a time consuming obstacle to getting out in the sun. To do this, we created a range of bespoke posters showing donors giving blood between their summer activities.

We drove awareness through banners and Facebook ads using our bespoke imagery, and even targeted people when they were already thinking about summer through placements on Metservice and on the NZ Herald weather section. We backed this up with radio and targeted placements in places like Les Mills gyms.

Anyone who engaged with our campaign, or was listed as a lapsed donor, was retargeted with Facebook ads and banners that encouraged them to book an appointment. We also created collateral for our recruitment teams including a radio spot for local radio, posters, and X-banners to promote their mobile blood drives. 

Lastly, we created posters for donor centres that invited donors to share their experience on Facebook and Instagram, encouraging others to donate too.

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Our campaign was a huge success - we reached more than 400,000 Kiwis through Facebook alone, with total impressions reaching 6,403,547. We achieved 37,475 clicks at a cost of just $0.42 each. Ultimately, we brought in 4,399 new donors as well as reinstating 3,251 lapsed ones, hitting 134% of our target. All of this added up to 22,950 potential lives saved.

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