The Originals

With the Rugby World Cup fast approaching, we were set the challenge of giving fans a deeper connection to both their beloved ABs and Steinlager.

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With the inevitable tsunami of marketing and media noise set to accompany the 2015 Rugby World Cup, establishing a clear presence in market, even for Steinlager, was nigh on impossible. And it that wasn’t challenging enough, the ASA code demands a clear separation of brand and sponsorship messaging, both of which presented massive issues and restrictions for a beer brand who was aiming to leverage their association with the team.

Yet in the face of all of this, we conceived, designed and executed a rich, multi-layered and authentic digital experience that gave fans the one thing they wanted most - a way to further their passion and support for their beloved All Blacks.

  • Client: Steinlager
  • Tasks: Give Steinlager drinkers a way to further their passion and support for their beloved All Blacks.
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The first, and most obvious, challenge is cutting through so much noise. And it was deafening. But simply grabbing people’s attention wasn’t enough. These are passionate, die-hard fans. Associating your brand with the love they have for their team had to be done in an authentic way. But it gets harder.

The ASA code restrictions were a monumental challenge. When we talked about or saw white cans, we couldn’t talk about our support for the All Blacks. And vice versa. There had to be total separation between the two, right down to the hashtags we used, and who was targeted with which message. We had to observe these restrictions, yet build a seamless digital ecosystem that reinforced Steinlager’s association with the ABs and which gave supporters (of appropriate ages) something they could enjoy (but without them realising).


To deepen supporters’ connection with their beloved team (and with Steinlager) we created three rich and engaging stories about the Originals, taking fans right back to where it all began. Underdogs set the scene as the All Blacks left on their (soon to be historic) voyage. Enemy Soil brought to life the Originals campaign on hostile English soil. And the Spoils recounted the moment when the Originals earned the title All Blacks.

Fans loved it because it only heightened the passion they already had for the ABs. It motivated many to share a message of support. But to build an even bigger groundswell, we rolled out a social strategy to support the campaign, driving traffic to the website, and encouraging people to directly share messages of support. Finally, we gathered up all the message we received, and used them as the inspiration to create a speech from New Zealand to the All Blacks read by legendary All Black, Buck Shelford. It simply doesn’t get more authentic than that.

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We received over 3,600 message of support and frequency of interactions with the Steinlager brand was just under six, which means people on average saw about six pieces of our creative throughout the entire campaign. This equates to an unduplicated reach of 1.66 million people.

In terms of our engagement metrics, to date we’ve had 34,111 unique visitors to the site (and total sessions of 39,383) with the average time onsite rising to a whopping 1:40 minutes per visitor. We’ve hit over 10 million Facebook impressions with just under 1.5 million direct engagements. And our speech has been viewed over a massive 100,000 times.

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