The Sauce Of Kiwiness

We helped Wattie’s halt their market share decline by reinforcing their position as Kiwi’s favourite.

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Wattie’s Tomato Sauce had a big problem. Their category was in decline, and Wattie’s were declining faster than the market average. Aggressive pricing and advertising by competitors had seriously eroded their brand position as well as consumers’ willingness to purchase more premium SKUs. It was in this highly challenging environment that the Sauce of Kiwiness campaign was born; a campaign that successfully repositioned Wattie’s as the original iconic Kiwi sauce brand and turned a market share decline into growth in the process.

  • Client: Wattie’s
  • Tasks: Halt the accelerating decline in market penetration by re-attracting lapsed customers.
  • Share:

Wattie’s had simultaneously been attacked on two key fronts (price erosion leading to an aversion to premium SKUs, and a loss of brand position as the trusted Kiwi favourite). This meant we had not one but two jobs to do - regain our brand position while also persuading people to consider more premium SKUs in a heavily discounted category.


Other brands had tried to encroach on our position as NZ’s favourite, but we knew only Wattie’s was truly able to leverage a Kiwi heritage play. And so we developed the Sauce of Kiwiness campaign. The promotions engaged consumers, reinforcing Wattie’s position as the Kiwi favourite while generating further content we could use digitally and socially to amplify the Sauce of Kiwiness. This, in turn, generated further love and purchase of Watties. All of which reminded New Zealand families around the country why Wattie’s is the Sauce of Kiwiness.

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The Taste of Kiwiness and Summer Getaway promotions drove high levels of engagement compared to similar on pack promotions (and therefore increased purchase in the case of the Taste of Kiwiness promotion). Entries were approximately 1.5% of labelled stock (industry norm is usually 0.5%), and people created over 2,300 individual tiles, which we were delighted with given the high level of involvement required to do so. But it gets even better.

Even though Wattie’s was declining faster than the market at the time (-3.8% MAT) during the Sauce of Kiwiness campaign they actually grew their share by +7.5% in the qtr. This was a huge result in the face of massive market pressure and represented a great success for Wattie’s.

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