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Whether it’s mates or a date, you’ll find the perfect drink to accompany any occasion at The Mix.

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We developed The Mix into a user-friendly digital platform to inspire people’s inner bartender. The pages educated people on spirits, and gave suggestions for what drinks to make with the recipes for any occasions.

  • Client: The Mix
  • Tasks: Inspire people to try their hand at mixing up delicious drinks for any occasion.
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The previous TV approach hadn’t worked. Numbers were low to the site and those that did visit only found a limited number of recipes to look through, resulting in a poor user experience.


We redesigned the website and shot 48 new recipes all based around certain occasions. We built a ‘drinks generator’ for users needing inspiration on what drinks to make, gave people information on the various spirit brands to use, and added a tips section with videos to help people create the perfect cocktail.

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The Mix launched on 1 May with a through the line campaign, including a TV spot and a heavy digital approach. As a result, online engagement and quality site traffic are both up - a huge increase in average time on site from 2:07 minutes to 3:34 minutes, an increase in average pages per session from 3.29 to 5.97, and a significant decrease in bounce rate from 41.39% to 24.6%.

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