Google Bringing Keywords Back & Other Top Stories

Kieren Hyland Posted 10.01.2014

Each week we have a hunt of the digital landscape to find the latest and greatest digital marketing stories from around the world.

This Week In Digital Marketing discusses:

Google Gives Back ‘Our Precious’

Well… sort of. After all the ruckus last year about Google taking away our keyword data, it seems like Google is trying to make amends. In their Webmaster Tools platform, users can now see the ‘Exact Click Traffic’ data – which shows you exactly how many clicks each keyword gets. While not as detailed as what was available back in the SEO heydays, it’s sure to give you a few actionable insights. Read all about it at Google.

Content Grouping In Analytics

Here’s a useful article that’s sure to come in handy. Google Analytics can get messy and complicated from time to time, so Google have a new way to help organise your content. ‘Content Grouping’ allows users to categorise content in which ever way you want. So instead of just viewing data based on just a page URL, you can group it however you damn well please! Click here to read Cutroni’s detailed guide on setting up this new feature.

Sayonara to Sponsored Stories

Facebook is looking to retire their Sponsored Story ad type in April, with all existing units of this ad type ceasing delivery from the 9th of April. Facebook has come under scrutiny for the Sponsored ad type, which would promote a brand page with the added benefit of showing which of your friends are already fans. After the culling of this ad group, Facebook are looking to implement a “social context” element to the existing ad-type range closer to June to fill the gap that Sponsored Stories will leave. Although not loved by users, Sponsored Stories are one of the most effective means of gathering new fans at a low cost – it will be interesting to see if the new socially contextualised ad-types can fill the inevitable void. Read more about it here.

Will Brands using Snapchat deter users?

Critics are asking will brands encroaching on social mediums like Snapchat reduce usage from the public? In short, no. We’ve seen a platforms like Facebook, Twitter and even Tumblr to an extent move towards a business-friendly model with success. But, an app’s ‘freshness’ or ability to stay current, fun and stop it from becoming stale certainly starts to go downhill the minute brands jump on board. Moving from a user-only community and suddenly starting to see ads and promotions on Snapchat will change the way users interact with the app. What’s more, Snapchat isn’t really business friendly – there’s no business-only functions in place so business’ get no advantage over regular users. This will be a topic to watch over this year to see how it turns out. See what you think.

On A Lighter Note

Here’s another great video from Volvo. Similar to the Jean Claude Van Damme one, except this time it’s a Hamster in the spotlight. Why have autonomous vehicles in the future when you can do it with a hamster?