Creative Council 25/10

Joe Stuart Posted 27.10.2013

A bit of Banksy, a new way to transfer cash plus apps, websites and a bit more have been thrown on the creative menu this week. We hope you enjoy the feast.

There’s been a bit of buzz about Banksy recently and his NY stunts. Anna showed us her favourite –

Anna also presented an interesting way to highlight child street refugees –

I presented this creative street photography blog that documents street photography from Grand Theft Auto and the mean streets of Los Santos –

Ryan showed us a designer that presents his tips in easily accessible lists –

Skyler presented his latest Breaking Bad find –

Michal showed ‘Cash’, something that a few of us have picked up on. A really simple money transferring site that transfers cash through email. A very nice, functional site to explain the product too –

Plus here’s a UX archive from Michal –

Woodsy showed us a bit more street photography from NY –

The most bizarre / awesome submission this week comes from Ting. Tweeting birds, check it out –

Izac took us all through the new blogging platform Ghost. If you haven’t already checked it out, here it is –