Creative Council 4/10

Joe Stuart Posted 03.10.2013

Pinterest ideas, some creative inspiration from Google and music, maps and much much more. We hope you enjoy the latest assortment from Young & Shand’s most creative minds…

We’ll begin with something I’ve found from Google that embraces the creative culture of Young & Shand at the moment. The traditional art director + copywriter partnership has evolved into a art + copy + code collaboration. The Google Creative lab explains it further –

Anna showed us all this beautiful sideways scroll story with some incredible illustration –

Here’s an interesting campaign from Mini that salutes you for being a Mini driver and gives you rewards –

Here’s a ‘mind blowing projection mapping’ idea from Skyler –

Skyler’s found this fresh take on the climate change conversation that involves the things you love and lets you know what needs to be done to protect them –!/intro

Skyler’s third submission resulted from some tireless research on the Durex pitch. Enjoy –

Here’s a Pinterest campaign from Anna that’s a bit morbid but is one of the most creative uses of Pinterest we’ve seen –

Suzy’s found a site for premium stock photography that could be very useful –

Carol presented this kind of weird, kind of awesome app that lets you share your leftover meals. In this age of over sharing absolutely everything we guess it kind of works –

Carol also presented Little Big Details, a daily dose of UI inspiration –