Google’s first VR – Daydream

We like to see how technology evolves, where it’s going and what kind of new opportunities and challenges it will bring to our work. The latest VR headset from Google is good example of it. It’s great to see a good and affordable headset which anyone can own. We are looking forward to next year to see how this will change what we are creating and what we can do with the new platform.

The Most Important Design Jobs Of The Future

Design is not just nice looking things with shiny buttons on it. Design, as an industry, is evolving and now more then ever you can see the shift of trends and expertise. Designing for platforms which didn’t exist few years back is challenging, but in a good way. It keeps us curious about what is coming. Here is a sneak peak into future jobs for design.

Preparing for the Design Sprint

As new ways of working internally and externally keep popping up, designers have to adapt. We’re already experimenting with the Agile way of working on sprints to collaborate with everyone on our team to ensure problems are solved early.

Adobe XD is Changing the Way We Will Design and Prototype in the Future

Adobe XD is one of the latest members of Adobe Creative Cloud. It starts as a simple tool which will evolve every month and, with each version, will open new possibilities about what we can do. We are already experimenting with this tool to try it and bring new ways to how we are designing and prototyping for screens.

Designing Interface Animation

As web design is evolving we need to too. It’s no longer just a static medium with a few images and a YouTube video. The interface needs to communicate with users. User experiences are more important more then ever, so as new technology allow us, we are stepping into a new word of motion and animations which help our users have the best experience as possible.

James Victore: Your Work Is A Gift

What’s the value of your creative voice? A lot, according to designer James Victore. Using some of his own creative challenges as examples, Victore argues that it is only through finding your voice, your fears, and your passion — and expressing them — that you can make great work.

TechDec 16, 2016

ICYMI - 16 December 2016

This week there have been a number of updates from tech multinational, Google. With almost three quarters of all internet searches...

Rachael Crosby

Rachael Crosby

TechDec 12, 2016

Snapchat Glasses - are they worth the hype?

Snapchat are no stranger to some excellent marketing, so when I heard they were bringing out some wearable tech, I knew their product...

Rachael Crosby

Rachael Crosby

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