A short post to share the books I’ve enjoyed over the last year. I’m an 80/20 non-fiction to fiction reader. This covers the non-fiction list. As you’d expect, my list is heavily skewed towards marketing, digital and leadership titles. I’m always searching for inspiration on how to tweak things and make them better. I read on a Kindle Paperwhite (one of my favourite devices). I think I’ve increased my reading by at least 50%. It helps me read more in one sitting, read faster and even helps me with my vocabulary – I love the dictionary feature – the mother of my children does laugh at me quite often though.

The Best Work Rules – this book focusses on leadership organisation inside Google. I’m currently reading it, but have to admit I’m only halfway through it. There’s nothing revolutionary, but has some good stories of how this great organisation works.

Connected by Design – this book focusses on digital marketing. It’s an inspiring book that shows what impact a 100% digital approach can make. Based on the experiences at R/GA, this book can make you rethink the impact that marketing can make.

Sprint – a good read about Google’s product development sprint process. This is a must read for anyone developing products, services or developing websites/applications.

Reinventing Organizations – another booked based on leadership. This was actually a little tough to get into, but really started to present how organisations could and should work. This has been quite influential on how I’d love to see Y+S evolve.

The Weekly Coaching Conversation – on leading and developing people. This is a simple fable business book with a typically cheesy story. But it does the job of making a point with the power of coaching and personal development. It could change your perspective on what management should be doing.

Scaling Up – this book is about business/leadership/management. Quite a serious business management book, with lots of good ideas about things that could be practically implemented to make your business better.

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future – an inspiring biography about how Musk has grown his empire, risked it all and developed three of the most amazing businesses, all with the purpose of changing the world (or leaving it!).

The Rest
How Brands Grow – Marketing
Friend or Foe – when to collaborate and when to compete
Does it work – Digital marketing
Meaningful – Marketing
Legacy – coaching/all blacks
The Open Organisation – business/leadership/management
Exponential Organisation – future business

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Michal Semela
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Rachael Crosby

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