Catalyst is a YoungShand creative content series, exploring the methods and drive of creative people and how these manifest in their practices.

This first episode features Hannah Jensen an Auckland based artist specialising in the unique method of carving layered paint to reveal her subjects beneath.

Having spent time in Africa on game reserves, Jensen has observed the large animals she’s inspired by in the wild. Her representations are beautifully stylised pieces that also give an insight and opinion on the animals and our relationships with them.

Here she talks about the motivations that propel her work, along with the inspiration and experience she draws upon.

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Website DesignJun 1, 2018

What does great website design look like today?

Since our start nine years ago, what’s changed? And what are we focusing on today?

Duncan Shand

Duncan Shand
Managing Director

MarketingMay 17, 2018

The NZ marketers guide to GDPR

What you need to consider to make sure you are GDPR compliant if you are a NZ business that works with European customers.

Alfonso Mannella

Alfonso Mannella
Search/Analytics Specialist

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Duncan Shand
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