With one month left in 2016, yet again I find myself wondering where the year’s gone. (Probably to the same place that steals your leftover mobile data.) But as frenetic as 2016 was, what stands out more than the sheer volume of work was actually its diversity. Content hubs. New product launches. Native articles. Emerging tech and new media. 2016 had it all. So to cap off another awesome year before it disappears behind the inevitable explosion of Christmas tinsel, here are my top five Y+S campaigns for 2016 (in no particular order).

Smirnoff Selfie for Smirnoff

This was a tonne of fun. The idea seemed simple. Ask people to send us the selfie they thought had the potential to become a bespoke cocktail. Then use Facebook Livestream to make it happen. But Livestream only lets you shoot on one smartphone. So our dev team ‘poked around’ in Facebook’s API and plugged in a full editing desk. Bye, bye smartphone. Hello multiple, high quality cameras, proper audio and on-screen supers (and a cheeky world-first for Smirnoff NZ).
Here’s the delicious result.

Inspire for Air New Zealand

Many Kiwis already turn to their national carrier to fly. But what was oddly missing was something to inspire more people to travel. To address this created Inspire. On it we showcased eight local and international destinations. Along with the site, all content was sourced and/or created by us to which we added backend smarts, so only relevant info is served to individual visitors based on their life stage and interests. “It’s more on brand than our own website” was our client’s response. Got to be happy with that.
Get inspired here.

Get Real Protection From Digital Risk for NZI

What a fantastic campaign to kick off a new agency/client relationship. NZI was launching cyber insurance aimed at SMEs. With reports clearly showing a sharp rise in cyber crime, it seemed like a no-brainer. But our research said SMEs knew nothing about the risks. So to contextualise the issue nationally, we commissioned a 1000-word Native article on NZME. Then fast-followed with creative comms spearheaded by x3 digital videos, supported by a cyber info hub and risk survey. It was creatively clever, smartly executed and best of all, it worked its socks off. Check it out here.

Things Heating Up? for Speight’s Summit

Turns out millennials aren’t overly keen on the taste of malty or hoppy beers. So with summer fast approaching, our good friends at Lion were re-releasing their light and refreshing Speight’s Summit Lager plus adding new flavours – Summit Apple and Summit Lime. We had to launch the new range in a fun and engaging way while remaining true to the Speight’s brand values of ingenuity and mateship.
Here’s where we ended up.

Let’s Kick Butt Together for Stoptober

Run in October, Stoptober challenges smokers to go smoke free for 31 days. But as we all know, quitting is really hard. So instead of chastising or terrifying smokers about their bad habit (as most campaigns do), we created a campaign that galvanised support from friends and family to give smokers a better chance of quitting. Working together with the Stoptober team, we were really proud of how this turned out.
You can take a look here.

And that’s a wrap.

To all of our clients, thank you (each and every one of you) for an awesome 2016. Together we’ve made loads of stuff we’re all a little bit proud of back here on Customs Street. We can’t wait to climb into 2017 together and push the creative boat out even further. On behalf of the whole Y+S team, have yourselves a fantastic break.

Tim, out.

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Duncan Shand
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