Working in the world of advertising, we’re constantly exposed to the latest and greatest work from around the world. The same can be said for audiences these days; the difference is that they have become very good at tuning ads out, only engaging with the ones that work hard to demand attention. If it can get past the ad blocker, it’ll most likely be filtered with a single swipe. This puts the pressure on brands to create ideas that do more than just talk. Ideas that become a utility in everyday life, tackle something bigger or solve a real-life problem.

We’ve all seen them, talked about them and that’s why they work. For this Friday Creative Wrap Up, I’ve found four ideas that do just that. Enjoy.



1.  Notable Women by Google.

It’s hard to pull off great AR where the tech doesn’t overshadow the idea, but Google has nailed it with the Notable Women project. An AR experience that replaces the faces on US currency with 100 historical American women. This simple idea highlights a need to look at how women are represented in society, and it’s already started a conversation in the US Congress. I wish I had a few more US banknotes in my pocket.


2. Te Aka Māori Dictionary by Spark

Spark teamed up with Te Aka Māori Dictionary to create a mobile app Kupu that allows users to learn Te Reo Māori by exploring the objects around them. The app utilises  Google’s image recognition and translates any picture you take into Māori. The app is a perfect utility idea that’s so simple; you want to keep playing with it.



3. The Whatever Party

With tensions heating up between left and right America, what better time to start a new political party. One that represents the largest voting block in America, the 40% that don’t vote. The Whatever Party has its own “meh-nifesto” and asks viewers to take a quiz to rate their ambivalence. It’s a funny, unique take on an old problem. Register here:


4. Reese’s Halloween Candy Converter

Everyone ends up with candy you don’t want on Halloween, so Reese’s developed a vending machine that takes your unwanted candy and replaces it with Reese’s Butter Cups. Such a simple idea executed in a nontraditional way. I just wish we had them in NZ.

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