Welcome to ICYMI (which is ‘in case you missed it’, in case you missed that!). The world of digital changes all the time, and we make it our business to keep up to date. We’ll be sending out regular blog posts to keep you up to date with all the new stuff you should know, so watch out for these stories.

This edition of ICYMI’s hot digital news from the last week is focused on the four thriving social channels; Youtube, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. First up is updates to Youtube and Snapchat’s VR and AR, respectively, proving the continued momentum is this area. Instagram has updated the Stories feature and Facebook has launched a new platform and started allowing brands to sponsor messages in Facebook Messenger – our advice would be to use this very very carefully.

Youtube steps up it’s VR game:

Youtube has announced that it is now supporting high-dynamic-range video support, but currently its limited to Google’s Daydream View VR headsets.
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Snapchat’s back-camera filters AR:

Snapchat’s new update has launched filters that use the backwards-facing camera to the world around you. The move comes as a play by Snapchat to add augmented reality to more than just selfies.
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Facebook launches Gameroom:

Facebook has recently launch The Gameroom – an app to rival popular gaming platform, Steam. Gameroom allows users to play native games and web titles in one convenient location, separate from the company’s flagship social network.
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Instagram adds functions to Stories:

Since launching in August, Instagram has updated its Stories with three new features. You can now add links that open within the app (making the user journey fluent), tag friends in the stories and boomerang is now integrated within the photo capture function to more easily generate gifs on the fly .
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Facebook releases sponsored messages:

Lastly, Facebook is now allowing brands to send users sponsored messages via Messenger. Facebook is only letting brands converse with users who have previously reached out to the brand, or started engaging through click-to-message NewsFeed ads.
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Give us a shout if you want any more information on these stories, or want to know how your brand can make the most of these updates.

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