Website design and
the development edge

Welcome to the engine room of Young + Shand. Development is the place where all the insightful strategy and brilliant thinking turns into something real. We’re not shy in saying we have one of the best website development teams in the country. Between them, there’s not much they can’t build and make beautiful.


Our Process

  • Digital Strategy

    We want to understand who the customer is, what the business goals and marketing strategy is, uncover inspiration about what we could do, and develop project objectives.

  • User Experience

    We develop personas for each distinct core customer segment, develop user stories about what they want to achieve online and then scope the required functionality to deliver this.

  • Prototype testing

    Taking a human centred design approach we develop sitemaps and working clickable wireframes that allow us to optimise the user journey and test the design usability. This highlights issues and opportunities before we even begin design and development.

  • Digital Design

    Once we have the flow and initial prototypes done we move into detailed digital design. Great digital design is a combination of classic design, movement/animation, photography/ video. You need to combine graphics with video and movement.

  • Development

    We work using agile principles, we believe the ideal mix of vision, flexibility and focus help us to collaborate with clients and coworkers to create innovative work that’s on the edge. We’ll build it on a client accessible CMS with a decoupled backend. We love it when we talk techy.

  • Test + Deploy

    We don’t like to put anything live without it being close to perfect. We use automated testing scripts, we do extensive cross browser testing and do real-world user testing to ensure sites are ready. Through this processes we check accessibility and seo standards before any site goes live.


Our Work

Any website is part of a marketing ecosystem. However most of the time its at the core. The home to tell brand stories. It’s frequently a content hub. There to house the marketing content and stories that are told socially. Here’s some of work we’ve done...


What we work in

We’re a open source PHP development shop. We use a combination of different CMS frameworks depending on what our clients need. We would typically use a CMS such as Wordpress or Silverstripe or where eCommerce or a more application specific build was required Magento or Laraval. We use React, Javascript and Node JS to build fast and responsive front end and do all our own backend integration work hosting our sites on Rackspace or AWS for high capacity load tolerance.

wordpress node react rackspace aws

We’re open to ideas

A team full of developers champing at the bit to get their teeth into something new and exciting. If you’ve got an idea that no one’s done before and a thought in your mind of ‘I wonder if I could do...’ then come and talk to us. We’ll deconstruct it, work out a feasible approach and then get cracking.