Analytics, the measurement which drives everything. If you're not measuring, how do you know if you're successful? Our focus is on setting up the right measures for success or if not possible indicators of success, i.e. number of phone calls (which may lead to a sale).

Google Analytics

This is our default baseline tool, as it's become industry standard very rapidly. With this we can create Custom Analytics Dashboards that allow you to see the same numbers we're using. Which is the way it should be, digital is all about being transparent and that's why we like it.

We can measure things like: visits, where those visits come from, time on site, sales, devices people use to access your site, path to purchase, visitor loyalty.You can find a comprehensive list of all things Google Analytics here, here and here.


These show you where people are clicking on your webpage, just like eye tracking but for the mouse. This allows us to understand how people are using your website or application and find areas of improvement.

The tool we typically use for this is CrazyEgg, Google Analytics also has a basic version.

Exit Interviews

We watch the bounce rate on websites, that is people that visit your site then immediately leave, a good bounce rate is 30-40%. Exit interviews are a way of gauging why people are leaving, you can ask did you find what you were looking for? What did you think of our product? We find KISSInsights is great for this.

Conversion & Funnel Optimisation

Once we have measurement all set up, we can then optimise the path to conversion. Understand what traffic sources convert the best, time of day, ad campaigns, messaging. Our service here is all encompassing. We first understand what is the journey to conversion, measure it and look for the low hanging fruit.

Typically people fall into the same few categories:

  • Not enough traffic
  • Conversion rate is too low
  • Repeat & referral purchases need stimulating.

Usability Testing

Alongside Heatmaps we really want to understand what people are thinking when they use your website, so usability testing seeks to go beyond A/B Testing & heat maps. We build a panel of real world users to use your website and watch how they go, where they slow down. It's a great way to uncover more contextual issues. Common surprises are use of imagery, website speed, clear articulation of the next step.

Analytics Dashboards

We use two main systems for this: Google Analytics & Geckoboard. We will work with you to ensure these are showing the right numbers, sometimes that means API integration to get internal sales data, sometimes it's as simple as extra javascript on the website.

Call Tracking

Do you know how many phone calls your website generates? Or how many Facebook sends you each month? We have a few suppliers which will help us get that data and close the loop.