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Defining your brand is one of the most important things you can do for your business. It’s also one of the most difficult things you’ll have to do. Because the world we live in has changed, the way we define brands today has changed too. Some of the foundational elements remain the same but there are new approaches we need to consider if we’re going to build successful brands in this new digital world.

What we do

Identity Audit

To start building your brand we need to understand what we are doing right now and the market. This first step involves a visual audit, market scan and customer research. We need to understand our primary audience, how they live, what they do, their hopes and dreams. From here we can start to position the brand and form the insights that will help us with brand and communications development.

Foundation development

Once we have completed the market review we can start to develop the brand foundations. We need to uncover the brand’s purpose (what it’s striving to do), it’s values (how it wants to act), it’s vision (where does it aspire to be), it’s personality (how does it want to behave) and it proposition (how it adds value). We focus developing brands in three areas – identity, visibility and credibility.


This is the area of brand development that most people jump to – crafting how the brand looks. The foundation work helps us to create something with meaning. The key elements that we look for are creating distinctiveness with the identity – is it something that is ownable and truly different. Is it simple, do people get it and understand it. And ideally does it link back to the brand purpose.


Once you have your brand identity defined it’s critical to ensure that you have visibility. Historically visibility was built through a retail presence. Now though a lot of new brands develop online first. So we need to think about how the brand is used, how brand assets are created for online and different channels. How the brand is found and displayed in search. And also where it is found online – the company we keep defines us.


The last element in the puzzle is building credibility. People have very low trust when it comes to brand communications – they rely instead on friends, family and reviews to give them confidence before trying a new product or service. So ensuring you close the loop with your customers and create the mechanisms to capture genuine authentic reviews is important. In addition, how you interact and respond is also being judged – your tone, style and responsiveness form part of your brand and the credibility your brand has in the marketplace.


Working with clients to define their brand is some of the most strategically important work we have the privilege of doing. Throughout the process we ask ourselves whether we are creating a distinctive brand, are we being clear in our communications? Are we pushing them to be brave and challenge the status quo? Will our work redefine them and change attitudes? Will it help them realise their objectives? These are tough questions and to successfully do this work you need a brave team that is willing to be relentless, honest and challenge each other to do their best work.

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