Content Marketing

Content is king! The often heard but not followed folklore of the internet. We all know it but many brands struggle to get started.

We can help with that. We believe advertising is now about content. That is useful helpful information that consumers genuinely enjoy. We believe the days of interruption advertising is over. Shouting and sandwich boards don’t really work.

Instead we’d rather focus on crafting content that is exciting, interesting, helpful and inspiring. The challenge is to create all the content that’s needed for your social channels.

To do this you have to have a fast nimble creative team. We have a big team, with a mix of skills and backgrounds. Everyday we’re writing, designing and shooting to produce engaging content.

Our content development process:

  • Understand the client’s brand, target customers, competitors.
  • Understand their marketing calendar.
  • Develop a set of content pillars (or topics) that are related to the clients products.
  • Create a content framework so you can leverage the content across multiple places.
  • Understand what content consumers like and engage with.
  • Drive traffic to the content through owned, earned and paid media - see our media agency services


For large content sites we would recommend installing Nudge Content Analytics. We use this to really understand which content is driving real viral engagement. Nudge tracks full engagement metrics including post share engagement.

You can also test content messaging across a large audience before you commit. We will often A/B test copy and display different copy to different people to see which performs better.

One example is for a client who was planning a major print campaign, they were unsure of the headline, so we ran the headline and a few alternatives as Facebook ads. We could go these in front of 50,000 people instantly and based on the response understood which was the most effective. We then based the full campaign on these tests which showed which ad was the clear winner.


Infographics are a great way to tell a story, they’re basically long form visual story telling. They require a bit of work in the planning but really create interesting content. These can be used as linkbait, to explain complex stories in a different way.

Blog Posts & Website Copy

This follows our regular process of understanding what the client wants to achieve, how this content will help with that and writing to brief.

For blogging, our aim is to:

  1. Set a regular posting schedule
  2. Define the content pillars & find good references
  3. Draft a month's worth of content

And then set about posting. This can be great for thought leadership, sharing news, ongoing SEO work - but most of all just being consistent in your digital communications.

Social Posting

We manage a lot of Facebook pages, this involves creating the content, posting, managing comments and actively growing the page.

We use SocialBakers to benchmark your page against your competitors, locally and globally. We'll do a social audit to understand best practice in your industry then build out the content pillars, these are categories of content that we will write to.

We use private Facebook pages to simulate the posts so you can see what they look like. These are shared with you in a private calendar. So you can see what and when we're posting.

Then you can review, approve, tweak or reject. After a couple of weeks we usually get your tone of voice. Over time we then review the performance of our posts and content pillars so that we can change if need be.

Video Production

Video allows us to tell long format stories about our clients and their brands. They allow us to connect at a deeper level than just words and pictures. Here are some examples of Young + Shand videos.

We also can build the content seeding plan, to amplify digital video content. With the increase in online video, stream services and YouTube there’s plenty of opportunity to create broad reach and frequency.


Like video production we work with partners to deliver photography for digital assets, we can do product shots in-house but the majority of needs are done to brief.

We can assist with website photography, product photography, on-site and behind the scenes.

User Generated Content

It’s great to get your customers creating content. This can be photos of products, testimonials, stories, guest content. We can help you develop a framework to make this happen.

At the end of the day there is no better marketing than having your customers talk about your brand and your products. Putting the framework in place that encourages them to do this can provide a significant boost in brand preference.