Media agency for the digital age

We’re big on keeping things simple. So how does an integrated creative and digital media model sound? Creative and digital media together, under one roof. We believe in a strong, performance based approach. In short, it has to work. When we manage media, we overlay analytics and track real time performance, so you can optimise your marketing as it happens. As far as we know, we’re the only media agency in NZ who offers this model.

Customer analysis

We start with a deep dive on your target customer. What’s her life like, how can we connect, what’s her decision process? We do this for ‘hims’ too. On top of those insights we map relevant media consumption behaviours.

Investment planning

Once we know who we’re talking to and where, we recommend stuff we know will drive the best results. Our aim is always zero wastage media, which we deliver through smart user journey planning and active campaign optimisation. If something isn’t making a sale, then it’s sending us data instead - that’s zero wastage media in action.

Paid, Owned and Earned.

There are three types of media - the stuff you pay for, the stuff you own, and stuff that gets attention (that’s Paid, Owned and Earned). We want to rely less on paid and instead activate larger owned media opportunities. This is more efficient and gives you much greater control of your direct relationships with customers.


With most media agencies, your campaign going live is typically the end. Not here. Going live means we’re only half way home. We actively optimise all our work. We intensively monitor the first 72 hours to figure out what channels and creative executions are punching above their weight. Then we redeploy media spend behind them, so you get the most bang for your buck. (Media insights delivered post-campaign aren’t really insights.)

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