SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) makes sure when people search for the problems you solve, you show up. A good understanding of your customers decision making process is needed, to make sure the right keywords are driving the results you want. Once you've obtained good rankings they act like a promoter for your website, driving traffic and business leads day-in and day-out. The following are our core SEO services;

SEO Audit

The first part of any SEO engagement is an audit. This process takes 2-3 weeks. We analyse your website, your competitors, keyword research and general marketplace against best practice. This establishes an understanding of where you are, where you could be and a plan to get there.

Evergreen SEO Strategy

The SEO strategy which has always and will always work is getting people to talk about you. The more they talk about you the more content & links are created. This works because it's how search engines measure your relevance, they want to detect who's talking about you to determine your authority. If you have high authority it's easier to get results.

Underpinning this is link profile analysis, making sure your eggs aren't all in one basket, you want to keep a balanced (bell curve like) approach. That means should there be a significant change to the Google Algorithm you've hedged your bets. These two simple philosophies drive long term SEO results.

90 Day Plan

As SEO is always changing, we work to a 90 Day plan which outlines the next activities, the low hanging fruit that will make the most impact.

Validating Market Size

If we're unsure of the exact business value we can do a SEM (search engine marketing) test whereby we buy search ads on your target keywords to see how they perform. We typically recommend a two pronged approach here, buying keywords where it makes sense and SEO where it doesn't.

Validating SEO

It's hugely competitive these days and we find it's worth asking the question, is it worth doing SEO? This depends on your position in the market and brand awareness. Sometimes it can be faster and more effective to just pay for keywords instead (SEM).

Local SEO

This ensures when people search for your business locally you show up first. Often when people are searching for a local product or service this will be their first destination and a key decision making point. There are a few tips and tweaks for helping this along.

Content Marketing

Content is a key component of SEO, read more about our approach to SEO content generation on our Content Marketing page. In short content needs to focus on geniunely helping people. If you create great content this will generate social impact. This will in turn create natural links back to your site.

Link Building

We have our go-tos, that is the regular places you should get links from. Then we use SEO software to help us find link building opportunities, links your competitors have, links global competitors have, guest posts, and even use ads as links. We focus on using great content to build strong links back to your site from credible trusted sites. This takes time but it creates long-term sustainable SEO results.

Long Term SEO Strategy

In the long run we want to shift to creative ideas, things that get people talking and get them naturally talking about your brand and creating links. The way to win is having the strongest trackable digital profile. You want the search engines to see that you are the best and they measure this by others actions. Of course you need to get your SEO basics sorted before you can get there.

90 Day Plan

Once we've completed an initial audit we create a 90 day plan covering all the SEO services we'd like to do and the key targets we want to achieve. Every month we review our progress and make adjustments to the plan to keep on track.