Social Media

Digital is just a new communication medium and social is key part of this. When the web first started it was a static medium with a one to many communication style. It was in essence another broadcast channel. Then the web evolved, you could send messages and start a conversation. So it evolved into a two way medium, so that we could communicate with one another. This was referred to as Web 2.0 and this is exactly what social media is.

With this in place people naturally wanted to talk to their friends in the same place. Hence the growth of social networks, of which Facebook is the leader. This is now the norm. Now the emerging trend is that social networking is splintering into different interest areas - LinkedIn for professionals, Twitter for information addicts, Pinterest for infotainment, etc

Our approach to social is that we need to understand what we're trying to achieve first, then we build our strategy around that.

Typically this involves:

  • A local and global benchmark
  • A social audit
  • Developing your content pillars, post frequency and posts
  • Blended with promotions to give boosts throughout the year

Social Management, who manages it?

We are indifferent here, if you have resource internally that are doing a great job - excellent. If not we have internal social managers, who can manage it for you. The key question comes down to skill set. To manage a social community you need good writers, access to designers, people who are across what is happening, current with popular culture and creative and lastly you need good communicators who are in tune with your brand. For most brands a shared approach is often best. We are better placed to create engaging content and the client better at responding quickly to deliver great social customer service.

What about our brand guidelines?

All of our posts are approved by the client, we find over time we develop our brand voice and produce the best posts. Read more on our content marketing page.

How do you measure success?

That depends on what we're trying to do, we see engagement as a key indicator of success. Without engagement you're just producing noise. We produce monthly reporting for each client, which outlines the results along with a review on what has gone well and what hasn't and recommendations on the next steps.

Social Media Advertising

There are an array of options, a lot of these are native advertising units - meaning they take the style and form from the site they are on. As a media agency we work hard with Facebook Advertising, Twitter Advertising, YouTube advertising and also evaluate new options as they pop up.

What Platform should I use?

It depends on what you're trying to do but we'll evaluate whether an investment in that platform will help in the long run. We see great promise in the emerging platforms, Snapchat, Vine, Instagram. Others that are often forgotten but still massive are Tumblr, Stumble Upon, Reddit. To understand where to invest we need to look at your objectives, where your audience spends their time and the fit with the platform. At the moment we are usually recommending a multi platform approach which both increases your reach and reduces risk.