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Almost every business we talk to would like to understand their media and online performance better. But each business is different, there’s no one-size fits all when it comes to digital analytics. Your business and organisation is unique, so your analytics needs to be tailored to fit. Before we decide to track anything we look to understand your business and what drives it in order to set your objectives. Once the strategy is clear we will help you to develop a tracking framework that helps us understand how your marketing is working so we can improve your ROI.

What we do

Google Analytics (GA) implementation

GA implementation will be based on your KPI’s and segmentation requirements. Getting Google Analytics code installed on your website is just the first step. Data coming into analytics is not always correct, it needs to be configured to your business and your goals. We ensure your data has integrity from the start.

Google Tag manager

Google Tag manager gives control back to a marketing manager. It allows you to setup and configures tools and tracking tags through one interface. Instead of individually loading each tag onto your site you just manage everything through Google Tag manager. Need a Facebook tracking pixel? Implementing Hotjar? No problem. And, of course, setting up Google Analytics and Google Remarketing is a breeze.

Analytics Review

We can come in and review your analytics and make sure that you’re tracking everything you should be. It is crucial that the data you are using to make business decisions is accurate. Your data needs to be reliable. A Google Analytics website audit ensures that your website measurement foundations are tracking correctly and that the data you are using is accurate.

Related work

We helped Nestle create a hub for parents to identify how their child learns through play in a simple way that was a lot of fun, too.


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