In 2013, Lion New Zealand launched Alcohol&Me as part of their commitment to reducing alcohol-related harm within the community. An online platform that helps educate Kiwis on how alcohol affects the body and mind, empowering them to make smart drinking choices that are right for them. 

Stricter drinking laws and growing interest in overall health and wellness had 47% of Kiwis looking to make changes to their drinking habits. And while the truth of the information provided on Alcohol&Me remained steadfast, the site itself was falling behind the times and missing opportunities for engagement. Exasperated by the fact that the original site wasn’t built for mobile, yet an overwhelming number of participants were accessing the site from their smartphones.

To bring Alcohol&Me up to speed, and meet growing demand, a complete rebuild was undertaken by the YoungShand team. The project was a true collaboration between in-house design and developer teams. New illustrations and animations were brought to life through a flexible front-end framework, creating a mobile-friendly, immersive experience that is engaging to users. 

One of the new standout features on the site is an interactive blood alcohol simulator. It shows users exactly how the body processes drinks throughout a night, depending on the number consumed, for both male and female bodies. 

In addition to the modern new look, the site also boasts improved analytics tracking and full CMS functionality. 




Goal completions in 1 month



Bounce rate


Ave. session duration

The modern, new site not only looks slick but is working hard. Since the July re-launch, an average of 500 people have visited the site per day – already more than the total number of visits for all of 2018. And those visitors are engaged with over 12,000 goal completions in the first month, a 2% bounce rate and average time on site of over 7 minutes. 

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