Every day more than 6.6 billion images are uploaded to the Internet. We use them to share our lives, stay informed, sell, rally and educate. But for the millions of people around the world who are blind or have low vision, sharing in these images is a very limited experience.

Surprisingly, the functionality already exists to help people with sight loss fully participate in the visually-driven online world. Every image uploaded to the Internet has accessible functionality called ‘Alt Text’. This enables anyone who can’t see an image to experience it through technology like screen readers.

The problem, however, is that no one is using it well – if at all. 

So, we launched the #AltTextForAll Movement asking individuals and businesses to help open up the visual world by undertaking one simple task. Use the ‘Alt Text’ functionality when publishing digital images to describe the relevant information in the image.

The movement was launched via an online film, featuring Karen, the digital Alt Text voice. This was followed up by a series of fun bespoke films, aimed at international celebrities and organisations, including Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth, BBC, Ellen, National Geographic and Humans of New York.

All the campaign elements directed people to the #AltTextForAll website, which was designed and built by our team with accessibility at the forefront. The site gave individuals and businesses the tools to join the movement, including short videos on how to use Alt Text across different social media platforms. 

The #AltTextForAll Movement was also supported by a series of films that focus on how the other services offered by Blind & Low Vision NZ help to open up the world for people who are blind or have low vision, including day to day living skills, getting around and employment readiness. 

The campaign has already gained advocacy from prominent New Zealand businesses, including Westpac, Dole, The Warehouse Group, Vector and Sky City. To join the movement and find out more about Blind & Low Vision NZ’s services, visit www.AltTextForAll.com

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