Finding time for ourselves in today’s world can seem impossible. But what if one of the world’s rarest Mānuka Honey’s could help you to pause and relax?

Our launch campaign for Comvita invites you to enjoy ‘A rare moment of harmony’ with the global launch of ‘Special Reserve UMF 25+’, Comvita’s purest Mānuka Honey ever produced.

The demand for Mānuka Honey abroad meant that Special Reserve was likely to be in high demand even at a premium price point. Our challenge was to help Comvita stand out in an overcrowded market, using the limited release to establish them as a market leader focusing on quality and guardianship.

To connect with a diverse range of global audiences, we focused on one specific ingredient that they could all connect with – time.

We launched the campaign by giving them some valuable and mindful time to themselves. This was achieved through a harmonious brand film, which tells the story of the partnership between the bees and Mānuka and how, with a bit of time and nurturing, nature gives us an incredibly rare gift.

Then, to give the Mānuka Honey adorers of the world an even deeper connection to the special place this golden elixir comes from, we created a world-first Mānuka Honey taste-along meditation. The experience is designed to give purchasers over 10 minutes of sensory tranquillity as they mindfully enjoy their Special Reserve.

The limited release run saw over 11,000 visits to the taste-along meditation experience, across 42 countries in over 230 different locations. From Adelaide to Boston to Copenhagen to Zhangzhou, residents of the world are getting their taste of the natural wonders of Aotearoa – by enjoying a rare moment of harmony.

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