With ever-growing demand from the public to know where their food comes from, we decided the time was right to throw open the farm gates and help reinforce Kiwi Bacons 100% New Zealand free farmed position.

The TV spot takes viewers on a tour of the farm where pigs can be found roaming expansive paddocks, hanging out in big eco sheds and foraging in the forest. It’s a humorous, light-hearted approach to a sensitive topic that most brands have traditionally steered clear of.

A key element in the overall campaign was the packaging (designed by Dow Goodfolk), this highlighted a picturesque part of the farm where sows can often be found roaming the hills. We finished the TV spot on this same shot. Taking Kiwi Bacon’s free farmed positioning from people’s TV screens and mobile devices, through to the supermarket chillers around the country.

In terms of results, the campaign was judged the Colmar Brunton ‘most effective ad’ for the month of October and more importantly sales since launch have been significantly up. But then again it’s not too hard to convince people to eat more good quality bacon!

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