The New Zealand Blood Service currently has 90,000 whole blood donors on their registry. That sounds like a lot, but health changes, an ageing donor base and wait times between appointments mean there’s a constant need for new donors, particularly young men. With Christmas and summer holidays approaching, NZBS were also entering a critical time for blood donation, where busy schedules and holiday plans results in donor drop off, and the need for blood vastly outweighs the number of donations coming in.

During a time when Santa and sentimental ad spots are dominating our screens, we needed a way to cut through, so we enlisted the help of professional funny guys Pax Assadi and James Roque. As members of popular comedy troupe ‘Fricken Dangerous Bro’, the boys gave us an instant in with our target audience of young men — a group that is often hard to reach.

Through a series of short videos set in NZBS donor chairs, Pax and James improvised their way through all the practical, weird and wacky ways to tick more off your summer to-do list while donating blood. The skits weren’t just a laugh; they instantly turned negative attitudes around blood donation during a time-poor holiday period into a positive. The takeaway? Regular donation helps you sort your life while saving someone else’s.


Our fresh and funny take on blood donation was a smash hit. Not only did we meet 105% of whole blood donation targets across a competitive marketing period and with a limited budget, but we also saw:



increase of new users to the website (double the estimated traffic).



booking completion up from the previous year.



increase in installs of the NZBS mobile app (a vital step for donor retention and appointment booking moving forward).

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