Cyber insurance is a real threat that Kiwi businesses think only exists overseas or in the movies. But with over 100 cyber attacks in New Zealand everyday, we had to change that way of thinking.


Insurance can be a hard topic to understand, even when you’re familiar with the thing you’re insuring. Our first hurdle was getting owners of small to medium Kiwi businesses to simply understand the dangers of doing business online. We then had to educate them about the specific dangers their business could face and that NZI Cyber insurance could mitigate any damage caused.


We launched with a native article making SMEs aware of cyber crime, followed by targeted display and social ads that showed the alarming statistics around these threats.

Now that they were fully aware of the problem, we had to make them recognise that their business was at risk. We create a series of videos that showed cyber crimes in real world scenarios, supported by print, social and display ads driving our audience to our site to website.

Once on our site, we educated further with a series of animated videos covering common threats, the scale of the problem, and the effects felt in New Zealand. Finally, our audience were directed to a survey to help them assess their own risk and put them in touch with a broker. And get in touch they did.

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