The music we love is made up of many influences, including where we live. Tastes and styles shift within communities, cultures and subcultures all over the world – even in our own backyard. For our latest campaign for Smirnoff Pure, we tapped into the unique vibes of New Zealand and set out to help Kiwis discover the music that moves the cities and suburbs they call home.

Our ‘Smirnoff Pure Sounds Like’ campaign is the latest development of Smirnoff’s ‘Pure Potential’ platform. While previous iterations focused on making the most of summer festivals, this campaign tapped into the insight that 70% of the Smirnoff Pure audience is drinking off-premise. And since the potential of their night isn’t dictated by a bar, club or festival, we needed a way to meet them at home.

While music drives a great night in, the sounds that fuel the party in one area can be totally different from the next. So we used this to our advantage, creating personalised experiences for fans across the country.

Through a partnership with local artists and Spotify, we created 28 kick-starter playlists that embody the distinct vibes of cities and suburbs all over the country.

Housed on the Smirnoff Pure Discovery website, major city centre playlists were created via artist collaborations, with the likes of Nouri, Theia and Devilskin each representing their hometowns. For smaller areas, the team tapped into Spotify listener data, pulling the top tracks from each area. 

The playlists enable Kiwis to discover the sounds of their area, but they can do more than just listen. The collaborative site invites users to add their favourite tracks to their local playlist. The result? Ever-evolving Spotify playlists, full of the most-loved songs in any one area in Aotearoa. 

The campaign was supported by location-specific digital and social communications, targeted Spotify radio ads and out-of-home stickers users can scan to discover their local playlist. The artist collaborators have also been involved in sharing the campaign, many seeing it as a platform for up-and-coming as well as established artists to extend their fanbase.

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