Is that normal? We ask this question all the time when it comes to our health, so why don’t we ask that same question about our healthcare? Like, why is it normal to have to take time off, drive across town and sit in a waiting room, all for a fifteen-minute doctor’s appointment? 

Cecelia and James Robinson asked this question, and the answer is their new venture, Tend NZ – A revolutionary healthcare app that enables Kiwis to see their doctor right from their phone. 

The app-led service, which is supported by their flagship, state of the art clinic in Kingsland is designed to challenge the pain points that have become ‘normal’ for Kiwis needing to see their doctor, putting the control back in the people’s hands.

With Kiwis entrenched in the existing way of interacting with their doctor, the launch campaign had to be equal parts education and engagement, ensuring that the benefits were clear. So to engage the audience in a topic that they don’t really think about until they’re stuck in traffic trying to get to a doctor’s appointment, we made it personal. The campaign taps into that first moment when you realise that something isn’t quite ‘normal’ with your health, asking Kiwis to consider their healthcare with the same fervour.

Bold pieces of film kicked off the campaign, focusing on three common health scenarios, brought to life through a combination of real-life and animated worlds. The offbeat nature of the spots was a great match for brand ambassador, Anika Moa’s, unique style of humour. The result is a series of ads that take viewers on a hyperbolic journey that draws you in and leaves you questioning how exactly the current system became normal.

The films are supported by a mix of outdoor and digital placements. To try out Tend for yourself, visit and download the Tend app today.

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