The Mix is a user-friendly digital platform to inspire people’s inner bartender. At its heart it’s a sophisticated recipe website aiming to educate people on spirits and give suggestions on what drinks to make for any occasion.


The previous TV only approach didn’t work. There weren’t many visitors to the site and those that did take a look only found a limited number of recipes to scroll through. Resulting in a poor user experience.


We redesigned the website and shot 48 new recipes all based around certain occasions. We built a ‘drinks generator’ for users needing inspiration on what drinks to make, gave people information on the various spirit brands to use, and included a tips section with videos to help people create the perfect cocktail.




Increase in organic visitors. Yes, really.



Increased website visits



Increase in pages viewed per session



Increase in time on website

The Mix launched on 1 May with a through the line campaign, including a TV spot and a heavy digital approach. By creating a focused recipe website, online engagement and quality site traffic are both up – a huge increase in average time on site from 2:07 minutes to 3:34 minutes, an increase in average pages per session from 3.29 to 5.97, and a significant decrease in bounce rate from 41.39% to 24.6%.

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