V fans are a pretty vocal about their favourite flavours and constantly ask for limited edition flavours to be brought back. Previously, V haven’t given in to fan’s peer pressure, but decided to do the unexpected and bring back one of the most requested – Kaboom!


With Kaboom! in production, we needed to get fans excited about it without letting the cat out of the bag too early.


On V’s social channels, we started by changing out the artwork to a simple black background with a number, which changed everyday revealing it was a countdown. We used 3D animation to create a tease post showing an entirely created city. The post left very little for fans to run with. Fans were ignited, getting in passionate discussions, arguments and debates on potential conspiracy theories on what could be coming.

Once the launch day arrived, we had dropped a reveal post announcing the return of Kaboom! Fans lapped it up, with over 125,000 views on the reveal and nearly 2,000 comments.

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