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Creating engaging emotional ideas to move consumers and build brands is the heart of what we do. There’s nothing more important than building strong brands. Strong brands build loyalty, margin and revenue growth, they build sustainable transformational growth. But this takes time and effort. The key to a strong brand is the development of not just a good idea but a purposeful position that moves people.

What we do

Creative Campaigns

Anyone who says digital has changed everything needs to take a breath. It hasn’t. Advertisers still need emotionally engaging campaigns, only now they need to run on digital platforms as well. What has changed is how creative agencies create and execute the work to make it effective. There are more skills required to make work that moves people today. Creating effective and award-winning digitally led campaigns is something YoungShand has been delivering for over ten years.

Always On Comms

Unlike traditional campaigns that run and then disappear, always-on comms hang around and wait for your target consumer to interact with them. There are always new consumers in the market so your marketing needs to be there too. The messaging can be tailored depending on what they see and when, and what they do (or don’t do) after seeing it. Creating effective always-on campaigns takes specialist experience, great creative and digital media smarts, to get your message seen by the right consumer at the right time.

Content Marketing

The YoungShand content team includes a full-time Director of Photography, a 2D/3D motion graphics animator, as well as a talented creative department. This means we can create virtually any type of content you might need, in-house, quickly and cost effectively.

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