Take Back Power.

    Flick Electric Fighting for fair

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    For years New Zealanders have suffered at the hands of an unfair power market, where large power providers manipulate the cost of power for their own profits – and higher power bills for everyone else. Flick re-energised it’s activist voice and took a stand, creating a protest song with a difference – gentle acoustic guitar music giving way to plugged-in power chord mayhem, explosions, flamethrowers, and a goat in Kiss makeup.

    The fully integrated campaign ran across TV, Social, AV, Radio and Digital getting the message out to Kiwis, everywhere.

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    A photo of traditional media placements for Flick Energy from our media agency.
    A photograph of people walking in front of a Flick Energy Billboard ad.
    A photograph of our flick energy advertisement displayed on a digital billboard.
    A photo of a print ad for Flick Energy that has been printed on a billboard.