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We grow brands and businesses today, by getting curious about tomorrow. We do this by combining strategic and creative thinking with media and digital smarts. It’s in the sweet spot between bold human-centred ideas and the connected digital world, emerging technologies and innovation, that fresh strategic thinking is found.

Our strategic focus is on developing strong brands, defining innovative customer journeys, and creating emotional and effective campaigns.

What we do

Brand Strategy

Defining your brand is one of the most important things you can do for any business. A great brand strategy does three things. It makes your business more recognisable, gives you credibility – which helps you develop a price premium, and helps you capture additional market share. Two key things needed to create a great brand are a compelling brand story and a distinctive identity.

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CX + Customer Journey Mapping

Improving your customer experience starts with documenting your customer journey. This uncovers the steps your customers take from a state of education and exploration through to becoming a loyal customer. At each step we define what customers need to think and feel in order to move them forward. We also look at their goals, what mediums/channels are important, and uncover opportunities to be innovative and different. The output is a Customer Journey Map that consolidates all the research and insights gathered in this phase. This becomes a guiding document we refer back to as we develop new elements to improve the customer experience.

Communications Strategy

With a strong brand in place and a documented customer journey, there is a strong foundation to develop an effective communications approach. To do this we start by understanding the job to be done and how we can measure progress. This gives us the best possible chance of creating effective work that will generate a strong ROI.

We then understand the target consumer by uncovering insights to create salient, engaging communications. We take a strong research approach to base our creative ideation process on a grounded fact-based strategy. This ensures we can be confident that our ideas will solve real problems and shift the beliefs needed to drive effective behaviour change.

The two outputs from this phase of work are a Creative Brief and a Communications Plan. A Communications Plan details the different phases and activities needed over 12 months to achieve the client’s goals for the year. A Creative Brief details the specific outputs required for each different activity. These outputs are defined in terms of the problem to solve, the consumer research and insight, what we need the target consumer to understand and do, and finally the creative outputs required to execute the media plan.

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Digital Transformation

We have a six-step digital strategy process that will transform your customer experience to prepare your business for the changing world we are in. A successful transformation always starts with a clearly defined vision of the future you want to create. Once that vision is clear there are four key questions you need to explore as you move through the six steps of the process.

To create meaningful digital transformation for your business that will deliver results, you need to embrace the process – from research to effective measurement. Those brands that commit to the journey will find they outperform their competitors through superior service levels and higher levels of loyalty. If we’ve learnt anything over the last year or so it’s that humans are pretty good at ‘digital living’ and now have even higher expectations about what is possible.

Download ‘The Digital Transformation Guide’ for the full six-step process.
Rapid Prototyping - Testing, Learning, Growing

A key part of our strategy process is rapid prototyping. We like to play with new concepts and ideas before we commit to large scale deployments. We explore physical and digital prototypes to test ideas and fail fast. From here we refine our thinking until we arrive at a launch concept. Once the business case is completed we then execute using an iterative agile process looking to release an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This approach helps us launch more radical transformations with lower risk.

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Strategy FAQs

Your brand strategy defines a long term plan to develop your brand in order to achieve organisation goals. It will define the core brand framework and how the brand is positioned in the market. A well defined brand framework enables consistent execution across all aspects of a business and is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments.

A communication strategy articulates how a brand is going to position itself for its target audience by simply and clearly defining the messaging required to achieve it’s communications objectives. The communication strategy often defines the key communications idea, sometimes called the brand platform.

The go-to-market strategy defines how a brand will execute their communication strategy in the market. This would show how all of a brands resources can be used (staff, sales, distribution, advertising) as well as all the owned assets (email, websites, social) to deliver the brand message to the target market.

Who are my customers and what does their lives look like?
How is my business positioned relative to competition?
What do my customers need to believe?
What is my core point of difference?
What marketing activities will help me achieve my goals?