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We help businesses transform their marketing approach. This isn’t about a new idea or new media channel it’s about adapting to a new connected world. Our strategy services guide you through a digital transformation, uncovering key issues, setting aspirational goals and clarifying the stepping stones on the path to realise your aspirations.

What we do

Digital Maturity Audit

The first step is to understand where you are on the journey. We work through a systematic assessment of what you are doing now so that we can identify gaps and issues that need discussion. Our diagnostic looks at where you are compared to your competition and overseas benchmarks.

Customer Research

To really uncover opportunities and to make sure any new ideas are built on a strong foundation it’s essential to engage with existing customers. This is more about understanding their lives and their dreams, so that we can design and create something that is relevant and valuable to them. Focus groups and empathy sessions can uncover this and gather valuable insights. Often clients have existing research that we can use. We look to use existing research first if it is fit for purpose than recover old ground.

Communications Strategy

When you understand where you are, what you want to achieve from a business point of view and have real insights into your customers lives we can begin the job of developing a communications strategy. This needs to address both acquisition, loyalty and address how you can drive improvements in your customer service as well. Underpinning your communication strategy will be your brand strategy. This defines your purpose, values, vision, personality, and proposition. Robust strategy comes from solving your business problem, with a solution that comes from a geniune customer insight and aligns with your brand.

Brand Development Approach
Digital/Data Transformation Ecosystem

Part of any digital strategy is not only understanding the media and channel strategy but also the data strategy. How do you tie everything together to track and understand performance? How do you use the data to trigger personalised content or relevant interactions. How do your transform your customer experiences? We work through your requirements to make recommendations on both your marketing tech stack and the digital media ecosystem for acquiring, converting retaining and delighting your customers.

Growth strategy/Path to Modern Marketing

At YoungShand over the last decade we have developed robust methodologies for how to implement new growth strategies. There are steps you need to take and foundations that need to be in place. Brand, analytics and data requirements need to be in place before you progress to build communities, move into marketing automation or build utility experiences. This approach helps organisations reinvigorate their business model, implementing things in an agile way while confidently adopting the latest technology.

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Prototyping, Testing, Learning, Growing

We like to play with new concepts and ideas before we commit to large scale deployments. We build physical and digital prototypes first to test ideas and fail fast. From here we refine our thinking until we arrive at a launch concept. Once the business case is completed we then execute using an iterative agile process looking to release an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This approach helps us launch more radical transformations with lower risk.

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